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Potomac Music

The main objective is to redesign Potomac Music's website to communicate high-quality music education and the importance of music instrument literacy to attract and encourage visitors to sign up for a class.

First-year gross earnings increase
Visitor-to-lead conversion rate
conversion rate
Potomac Music website design - Varona Designs
Potomac Music founder, Annie and John - Varona Designs
About Potomac Music

Meet John and Annie

John and Annie are seasoned music teachers who started Potomac Music in January 2020 to provide high-quality music education and build a community of music teachers. With their passion for music and love of teaching, they quickly made a brand in their community as one of the best music educators in Lorton, VA.


The challenges the website was facing.

The old website didn't sufficiently communicate the value of music education and Potomac Music's brand, especially to visitors who didn't know about them yet. It didn't stand out from its competitors, and it didn't communicate quality.

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Not informative

Many potential customers do not find the information on the website helpful in deciding to sign up for a music lesson.

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Not credible

The website doesn't reflect Potomac Music's brand's credibility, making the service appear low quality.

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Produces little to no leads

The website's quality wasn't sufficient to attract quality leads and motivate visitors to take action.

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Hard to manage

It is very complicated to update the text and image content on the website, especially when we task multiple people with managing the weekly content changes.


Key strategies we implemented.

Understanding the primary users, the main strategy to get a high sign-up rate is to overcome at least 90% of their objections on the website and make the sign-up process easy and accessible.

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Build brand & trust

Sharing John and Annie's story, mission and values, accomplishments, customer reviews, and success stories will help establish their credibility as music educators and the quality of their services.

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Improve user experience

We highlight the studio environment to promote relationships, support, security, positivity, creativity, and inspiring experiences for the students and their parents. It encourages users to imagine their own positive experiences at the studio.

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Prioritize content structure

Prioritizing content to meet user needs and expectations and overcome objections on each page will help keep the users engaged and interested. The more they're engaged, the more opportunity we'll have to establish trust that leads to conversion.

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Capture lead generations

Integrating a customer relations management (CRM) system to capture the leads allows the staff to respond quickly and efficiently to all service inquiries and support. It also creates a record of customer contacts and communications for easy management.

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Optimize online visibility

Using appropriate and strategic keywords and SEO (search engine optimization) will help rank the website higher and make it more visible to local users looking for their services.

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More accessible

Since there's a wide range of user demographics, we want to ensure the website is accessible to all platforms. We focused on usability and the experience of accessing the website on smaller screens.

Potomac Music studio home page - Varona Designs
Potomac Music studio lesson services - Varona Designs
Potomac Music studio mission and values - Varona Designs
Potomac Music studio creative environment - Varona Designs
Potomac Music studio Kindermusik - Varona Designs
Potomac Music studio Piano Express - Varona Designs
Potomac Music studio summer camps - Varona Designs
Potomac Music studio benefits - Varona Designs
Potomac Music studio career page - Varona Designs
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Project Results

Overall, we're seeing great results after launching the new website. More users commented that they find it much easier to navigate the site, and their staff find it easier to update and manage the site content.

There is a significant increase in online visibility, the number of people visiting the website, and service inquiries (leads). However, the biggest win was the signup rate at 68.5%, which ultimately led to almost doubling their profit in the first year.

The studio is getting so many inquiries that they're expanding their space to accommodate more students, hiring more teachers, and reinvesting into the business to improve their offerings. The business' future is looking extra bright!


First-year gross earnings increase

The business saw an increase of 74.9% in gross earnings one year after the launch of its new website. The traffic came organically, and there is plenty of room for growth.

Potomac Music ukulele class students - Varona Designs

Lead-to-customer conversion rate

Leads sign up for classes with a 68.5% success rate. Most leads don't sign up because of scheduling conflicts, which scaling can solve.


Visitor-to-lead conversion rate

Website visitors inquire about the service 7.4% of the time.

Potomac Music teachers - Varona Designs
Potomac Music website design before - Varona DesignsPotomac Music website design after - Varona Designs
Annie Mathis
Quote icon - Varona Designs
We have received so many compliments from our current clients about their experience on our new website. Best of all, we have so many more NEW clients now finding us and loving what they see.
Annie Mathis
Annie Mathis
Co-owner & Music Teacher
Potomac Music
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