Restaurant Website Design Case Study

Leon's at Lake Ella Restaurant

The main objective is to design Chef Leon's restaurant's website in the historic Lake Ella in Tallahassee, FL. The website will be the central hub of information and gateway to access the restaurant's services.

Average engagement rate
New users in over a month
Leon's at Lake Ella Restaurant website design - Varona Designs
Chef Leon C Brunson - Varona Designs
About Chef Leon C. Brunson

Meet Chef Leon

Chef Leon is a young and talented chef in Tallahassee, FL. He has a bigger-than-life character and loves using his passion for culinary arts to help the people in his community. He is quickly becoming one of the most highly sought-after chefs in the Florida Panhandle, especially after being featured as one of the contestants in Hulu's show, The Secret Chef.

Project GOALS

The challenges we have to overcome.

Leon's at Lake Ella is still developing and different from your typical restaurant. It's only open to the public (walk-in) a few hours a day and several days a week. Most of the time, it's closed to the public in preparation for reserved private events and dinners. So, the primary challenge for the website is to communicate these services and set the appropriate expectations for the various types of users for each service.

limited lunch services - Varona Designs

Limited lunch services

Public lunch services are only available a few hours a day and several days a week. The menu also varies based on availability.

private dining services - Varona Designs

Private dining services

Groups can reserve private dining services, but availability is limited by the number of guests, weather, and event dates.

Limited space - Varona Designs

Limited space

The restaurant is a small historic cottage, and it can only accommodate a few guests to dine in while the rest are outside if the weather permits.

Limited availability - Varona Designs

Limited availability

There are times when Chef Leon uses the restaurant kitchen to prep for an upcoming catering event and has to close the restaurant.


Key strategies we implemented.

The website's primary goal is to communicate two distinct services, set appropriate expectations, and ultimately drive customers to take action to either visit the restaurant in person or book a consultation call to reserve a private event.

User experience Icon - Varona Designs

Unique customer experience

Instead of competing with other restaurants in the area, we use the restaurant's uniqueness to emphasize the level of customer experience that customers can't get anywhere else. This strategy puts the restaurant in its distinctive category.

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Automate lead generations

We integrated a scheduling application to allow potential customers interested in reserving a private event to consult with Chef Leon. Doing so automates lead generation and eliminates the need to go back and forth with potential customers.

all in the vibes - Varona Designs

All-in on the vibe

We utilized the beauty of scenic Lake Ella to emphasize the incredible and relaxing vibe of being on the lake. We used landscape photographs of the picturesque background, people enjoying their meals with friends, and images of mouth-watering dishes made by talented chefs.

Visible Icon - Varona Designs

Optimize online visibility

The historic Lake Ella is one of the most scenic parks in Tallahassee, FL, but shockingly, there is only a little information about it and its history online. To increase online visibility, we created a page that helps people learn more about the lake's history and general information.

Trust Icon - Varona Designs

Build brand & trust

We aligned the brand with Lake Ella's historical significance to Tallahassee locals to build brand and trust. We used symbols like the duck (a significant Lake Ella icon), friendly color schemes, and icons to create a vibe similar to your experience visiting the lake.

Leverage history - Varona Designs

Leverage history

The restaurant occupies one of the dozen historic stone cottages once the Tallahassee Motor Motel, built in the 1920s. To increase the restaurant's uniqueness, we associate the brand with the history of the building and the lake to leverage customer experiences.

Leon's at Lake Ella Restaurant Home Page - Varona Designs
Leon's at Lake Ella Restaurant About Page - Varona Designs
Leon's at Lake Ella Restaurant Lake Ella Page - Varona Designs
Leon's at Lake Ella Restaurant Lunch Page - Varona Designs
Leon's at Lake Ella Restaurant Lake Ella Page - Varona Designs
Leon's at Lake Ella Restaurant About Page - Varona Designs
Leon's at Lake Ella Restaurant Lunch Page - Varona Designs
Leon's at Lake Ella Restaurant Home Page - Varona Designs
Leon's at Lake Ella Restaurant Private Event Page - Varona Designs
Leon's at Lake Ella Restaurant Private Event Page - Varona Designs

Project Results

We launched the website on March 1st, 2024, and started tracking the user data for the site usage.

In just over a month, we've received positive feedback from the user and analytics.

The restaurant lunch services are also doing very well, generating over $3k daily for a small cottage restaurant that is only open a few hours a day.

The results show daily growth as the buzz increases and reaches more people in the area.



In just over a month, the website received 1387 clicks out of 6.2k impressions, resulting in a click-through rate of 22.37%.

Chef Leon with a customer inside Leon's at Lake Ella Restaurant - Varona Designs

New users

The website received 2.5k new users and 871 returning users in just over a month.


Engagement rate

The website engagement rate is 64.68%, with an average engagement time of 1m 23s per user.

Chef Leon and Earl Varona in front of Leon's at Lake Ella Restaurant - Varona Designs
Chef Leon C. Brunson
Quote icon - Varona Designs
Earl gave me an in-depth analysis of my potential users, and how to facilitate their journey through the website. It was a substantial improvement from my last website.
Chef Leon C. Brunson
Leon C. Brunson
Hulu Secret Chef & Restaurant Owner
Leon's at Lake Ella
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