Private Chef Website Design Case Study

Chef Leon C. Brunson

The main objective is to redesign Chef Leon's website to automate the leads, make the website easy to manage, improve usability and user experience, and ultimately improve conversions.

Lead-to-customer conversion rate
Website traffic increase
Monthly leads increase
Chef Leon C Brunson website design - Varona Designs
Chef Leon C Brunson - Varona Designs
About Chef Leon C. Brunson

Meet Chef Leon

Chef Leon is a young and talented chef in Tallahassee, FL. He has a bigger-than-life character and loves using his passion for culinary arts to help the people in his community. He is quickly becoming one of the most highly sought-after chefs in the Florida Panhandle, especially after being featured as one of the contestants in Hulu's show, The Secret Chef.


The challenges the website was facing.

The old website was not working as it should, losing many opportunities to convert visitors into clients. In addition, it did not represent Chef Leon's brand as a talented and charismatic chef who cared to improve his community.

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Not informative

Many potential customers do not find most of the information on the website before booking a consultation.

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Mixed quality leads

The website's leads are a mixture of prospects only looking for general information and motivated buyers.

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Hard to manage

Managing and updating the website's content is complicated, especially when running a business with a small team.

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Setting up call appointments with leads is time-consuming and involves back-and-forth emails to coordinate our available times and dates.


Key strategies we implemented.

The primary goal is to improve conversion, but the leading solution consists of smaller strategies that work together seamlessly.

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Improve user experience

Understanding users, their objections, and their goals allows us to design the website's interface, content, accessibility, and usability to improve the user's experience on all media devices.

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Build brand & trust

Sharing Chef Leon's story, his personal beliefs and values, and his accomplishments and testimonials from others who worked with him helps build trust and credibility in his abilities and professionalism.

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Automate lead generations

Integrating a scheduling application allows users to schedule their consultation with Chef Leon without needing back-and-forth emails about their availabilities. It cut down the hassle and time of appointment scheduling.

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Optimize online visibility

Using appropriate and strategic keywords and SEO (search engine optimization) principles optimizes the website's search engine visibility to more users.

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Improve content structure

Organizing the content and information structure into a hierarchy based on the AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action) principle will help increase interest and desire, ultimately driving conversion.

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Identify opportunities

Exploring the market and analyzing user needs allows us to identify opportunities to provide our target customers with more value and improve their experiences.

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Leon C Brunson Website Catering Services Section - Varona Designs
Leon C Brunson Website About Page - Varona Designs
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Project Results

Overall, the new website did its job streamlining Chef Leon's traffic and establishing trust early on for users who don't know about his brand.

We measured two pieces of data: the results after the launch of the new website and the data after HULU's cooking competition show, Secret Chef, which featured Chef Leon.

The results show that the website significantly increased lead generation, website traffic, and conversion rate, and the show magnified the increase.

The website also allowed users to schedule consultation appointments, closing 80% of the sales calls.

Chef Leon's catering business is now fully booked three months in advance.


Lead-to-customer conversion rate

Leads book Chef Leon's service with an 80% success rate in the first eight months. Now, the success rate has dropped to 68.5% only because he's reaching maximum capacity and had to turn down service requests.

Chef Leon C Brunson with  nonprofit - Varona Designs

Monthly leads increase

The website's average lead generation increased by 1.7 times in the first eight months and jumped 2.7 times after Hulu aired The Secret Chef.


Website traffic increase

The website's average traffic increased by 1.5 times in the first eight months and jumped to 2.9 times after Hulu aired The Secret Chef.

Chef Leon C Brunson with  catering event - Varona Designs
Chef Leon C Brunson website design before - Varona DesignsChef Leon C Brunson website design after - Varona Designs
Chef Leon C. Brunson
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Earl gave me an in-depth analysis of my potential users, and how to facilitate their journey through the website. It was a substantial improvement from my last website.
Chef Leon C. Brunson
Leon C. Brunson
Hulu Secret Chef & Restaurant Owner
Leon's at Lake Ella
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