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GChess UX Case Study


Design GChess' new web user interface to help chess players analyze and improve their chess games.

GChess website user interface

About the GChess

GChess is a web-based chess analyzing platform that helps chess players analyze millions of chess games from its database and access tens of thousands of chess videos and lessons from other platforms.

Project Objective

The project's objective is to design the web-based platform's user interface. The goal of the design is to make it easier for users to navigate and use the site's many features.


The primary strategy is to design the interface around the target user's experience. Since the platform contains several key features and functionalities, it's essential to effectively map out the user interaction to simplify how to use the site.

Discovery Process

Understanding the Target Users

Project analysis

Project Analysis

Analyze the project's goal, features, and functionalities to create the strategy needed that will dictate how to design the interface.

User and market research

User Research

Researching our target users allows us to identify and categorize them based on their skill level, goals, and general needs.

User persona design

User Personas

Creating user personas for each target user category helps us analyze their needs and challenges regarding their goals.

User Interaction Design Process

Mapping the User's Journey

User engagement journey and strategy design

User Engagement Journey

Designing the journey for the user's engagement helps develop the strategy for multiple layers of interaction. Each layer has a unique plan for continued engagement.

User journey and site map design

User Journey & Site Map

Designing the user journey combines the task flows for each feature simplifying how the user interacts with the website. The user journey also maps the site for page design and development.

Wireframe design


Designing the blueprint of the user interface allows us to structure how each feature and interaction will come together quickly. Doing so is particularly helpful since the platform's interface is feature-rich.

User Interface Design Process

Designing for the User's Experience

Brand identity design

Brand Identity Design

Using research, we designed the brand's identity not only to stand out but also to create a particular personality and values.

User interface and web design

User Interface

We designed the user interface to communicate page interactions, features, and usability effectively.

Usability and accessibility design

Usability & Accessibility

We designed the platform to be accessible to chess players worldwide, including many different browser sizes.

Project's Outcome

By using an approach that focuses on the user, we were able to design a site with features and functions tailored specifically for them. Doing so helps users accomplish their goals while enjoying themselves in doing so!

Promote user engagements and signups

Promote Engagement

The ease of use and valuable features help promote visitors' engagement, turning them into regular site users.

Increase user conversion and retention

User Conversion

The site's value in helping users with their goals helps convert site users into paid members.

Positive user feedback and responses

Positive User Feedback

The new website received much positive feedback from chess players worldwide. They find it easy and enjoyable to use.

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